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Events 2003

Jan 11Matt E.: Lessons learned in choosing and purchasing a used aircraft*
Feb 8Joe B.: Vacuum bagging for compositesMatt E
Mar 8**

Past Events 2002

Jan 12Planning Meeting
Flutter Presentation, Rich O
Tina V
Feb 9Matt Tomsheck, Cleveland MIDO, Homebuilt CertificationBill V
Mar 9Judy Van Zante, NASA Researcher, Aircraft Structural IcingMatt E
Apr 13Spring Open House, Cliff Crabs, former NASA test pilotJoe B
May 11Fabric Covering & Builder Visit: Champ projectBill K
May 18Drive-out to MAPS, Akron-Fulton with EAA 325*
June 8Young Eagles DayBill V
Jun 22Fly-out to Geauga Co Arpt - EAA5 Pancake Breakfast*
Jul 13Steak Dinner & Builder Visit: Lancair Reconstruction, $5Rich O
Aug 10Welding Practice with Pete Kodysh*
Aug 17Fly-out to Ashtabula, Large Scale R/C Air Races*
Sep 14Jim Griner - weather to the cockpit*
Oct 12Project Visit - Cozy Mk IV - Bill Kastenholz*
Nov 9, 10amJoe Berki*
Dec 7, 1pmHoliday Clean-up and Set-up*
Dec 14, 5pmHoliday PartyALL


Dec Christmas Party
Nov Welding Demos
Oct First Flights / Choosing a Project
Sep Building Practices
Aug Dinner/Lancair Construction
Jul Composite construction and tools
June Young Eagles Day
May Australian Adventure and Luncheon
April Cross-Country Flight Planning
Planning Sheet
March Aircraft Stability and Control - 3 surface airplanes
Feb Aircraft Stability and Control - Canards
Jan Aircraft Stability and Control