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K-12 Educational Outreach for Pilots

Tip: If you quickly need a wall chart or product, take the PDF file to a local printing shop.

Survival Tips on giving presentations


Experimental Aircraft Association - Science, Math and Technology Leadership Project

Young Eagles - Provide free airplane rides to kids age 8-17. Check under "Activities" for crossword puzzles, connect-the-dots, and games.

Wild Blue Wonders - Sponsor a team of 5 kids, 6th-8th grade. Kits cost $200 and require a PC and joystick. Local, regional and national competitions motivate the students to learn. A one time fee of $50 is required for the competitions. Competition areas include Logbook, Flight Plan, Checkride, Runway, and Free Flight. This program is based on the EAA/NASA book Wild Blue Wonders by Lane Wallace.

Flight Site - A complete, stand-alone learning center, located in a school library/media center. Developed for a team of 4 kids, 3rd - 5th grade.

Kidventure Field Kits - Designed for a successful chapter or group experience, these kits provide a series of aviation related youth activities that appeal to various age levels with various time completion requirements. Initial topics are Blast Off! (rockets), Flattop Flyers, Ultimate Ultralights, and the Great Air Race navigation. All enhance learning in science and math. Packaging options - A: supplies for 10 participants, B: supplies for 25 participants, and C: instructions only (web based). KidVenture Field Kits are taken directly from KidVenture / AirVenture experiences. Contact: Judy Rice,, 920.426.6886 - PDF of each kit is free

Special Outreach with Aviation Resources (SOAR) - Young people in underprivileged or "at-risk" situations will have opportunities to discover the possibilities available through the world of aviation. Contact: Horace Sanchez,, 920.426.6884

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, America's Pilots Participating in Local Education

Centennial of Flight - Posters and Bookmark in PDF format under Educators

Federal Aviation Administration

NASA Spacelink - links to all NASA educational information - PDF of NASA educational products

NASA Re-Living the Wright Way - Build a wind tunnel, Wright kites, gliders, airplane, etc.

National Coalition for Aviation Education

Women Pilots: If you would like to be added to a roster of women pilots who volunteer to give talks to girl scouts, please contact the webmaster.

NASA and the Ninety-Nines

99s use this form to report your educational outreach

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